30 Serving Starter Kit

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If you like mud, consider this the topsoil. It’s plant-based, vegan, sugar and gluten-free and made from coconut milk and MCT oil. It's a powder, so you just need to add a scoop to your mud to turn it into a super powdered silky smooth latte.

This 30-serving tin is a monthly supply of MUD\WTR's best friend, so make it automatic and save a lot of money in the end.

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Your New Daily Health + Beauty Care. 8 Organics is Adaptogenic Ayurvedic, Super Food Daily Supplements that Boost your Immune System, Clear your Head, Clean your Mouth, + Promote Glowing Skin + Healthy Hair. 8 Organics is Luxury Ayurveda for Modern People. Organic, Vegan, All-Natural, Powerful Daily Wellness. This is Self-Sufficient Daily Health Care.

5 products

5 products