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Must be referred by an 8O Distributor or Enroller, and pre-approved to purchase. The 'Starter Distributor Program' is only valid through 12/31/22.

*Shipping costs and processing fee of 4% is included in the purchase price. 

What's in the Kit:

  • 24-Daily Ritual Starter Kits (11oz Beauty Jam; 1oz Beauty Nose Drops; 2oz Mouth Detox; Golden Beauty Jam spoon, Gold Beauty Jam cap; Ceramic bottles; and Golden droppers; Dust bag for golden components).
  • 24-Branded boxes.
  • 24-Daily Ritual Booklets. 

Distributor's Starter Sampling Kit:

  • 2 - Beauty Jam 11oz Complimentary for sampling.
  • Bulk 4oz size Beauty Nose Drops for making samples.
  • Bulk 6oz size Mouth Detox for making samples.
  • 100 1ml syringes.
  • 110 Beauty Nose Drops sample labels.
  • 110 Mouth Detox Sample labels.
  • White trashcan with branded 8O sticker.
  • 100  wooden tasting spoons.
  • 100 .1ml sampling pipettes.
  • 100 4oz cups to use to hold samples and expel Mouth Detox.
  • Branded 8O table runner.
  • Clear case to hold sampling components.
  • Clear clip board and 8O branded sign up sheets.
  • Pen holder.
  • 8O Collateral.
  • 1-Hour Zoom Training with your 8O Distributor.

ABOUT THE 8O Distributor Program: 

STEP ONE: Be referred by an 8O Distributor, or Enroller.

Become an 8O Distributor and join our Mission: EVERYONE WELL. When you become an 8O Distributor, you not only heal yourself, but you heal your tribe, and this ripples out into healing the world. To become a Distributor, you are a yogini, yogi, meditation teacher, meditator, healer or coach.

Our mission at 8O of EVERYONE WELL includes not only your health, wellness and beauty, but also your financial abundance. As an 8O Distributor, we want to support those of you who are yoginis, yogis, meditation teachers, healers, and coaches in the world, so you can spread wellness, create financial abundance and support your teaching. We want everyone to benefit from spreading 8O Daily Ritual and Ayurveda into the world.

STEP TWO: Learn more about becoming an 8O Distributor by emailing, and inform us of your interest in becoming an 8O Distributor. In the subject line on your email, put 8O Distributor.  We will send you a short application for review and approval.

STEP THREE: If you are not yet a Member, become an 8O Daily Ritual Member. All Distributors must be Daily Ritual users. Your personal, direct experience with 8O Daily Ritual and how it helps you stay WELL, is vitally important. The best way to stay consistent with your daily WellCare is by becoming a Daily Ritual Member. Go to the Membership tab on the main navigation of our website to subscribe. 

STEP FOUR: Place your first 8O Distributor's order. 

We are gathering the most powerful yogis and yoginis, meditation teachers, wellness influencers and Masters on the planet.

There is so much to share, and no time to waste. Let's get started!!!!! 


About 8 Organics Daily Ritual

8 Organics Daily Ritual is luxury Ayurveda. Daily Ritual is a 100% organic, vegan, meticulously crafted, easy to digest, supremely absorbable, three-step daily supplement routine, and acts as your daily preventative, fundamental health and beauty care.