8O was founded on the principles of Ayurveda - the science of life from India - the most effective, preventative, WellCare System in the world - and Yoga - the unifying principle that supports all of life.

At an early age I started down the Ayurvedic path as a celebrity hair colourist, when I was introduced to Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda. I opened my first of eight Ayurvedic spas and salons in South Beach Miami, and on the weekends, and for special projects and product launches, I joined Horst as Aveda's Global Creative Director. It wouldn't be until almost twelve years later - after I graduated from Columbia University in Consciousness and Science and subsequently launched my own direct to consumer brand of "Better for You" hair colour, sold it, and moved to India for five years - that I would discover the true essence of Ayurveda.

I sold everything to move to India, and took a deep dive into the ancient wisdom of Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda. Over a five year period, I trained with the foremost masters in meditation, Ayurveda and yoga, and when I began sharing this wisdom with others, I started getting repeated bouts of bronchitis.

I was told from my Ayurvedic Doctors that I needed to build my immune system, and they put me on a daily Ayurvedic herbal regime that changed my life. When I began making Ayurvedic remedies for my clients, they didn't like the taste, smell or mess of traditional Ayurveda, and they simply would not take the herbs. I understood the need for a beautiful, organic, and simplified experience of Ayurveda that was accessible and relatable to a Western client and Western palate. Modern Ayurveda had to look beautiful sitting on your counter, and most of all, it had to be 100% organic, the most powerful and efficacious herbs possible, made with traditional Ayurvedic methodology in small hand batches, and it had to taste, and feel amazing. In 2018 in Malibu California, 8O Ayurveda Daily Ritual was born to bring Wellness to the World by providing a simple path to Daily WellCare. 


Ayurveda understands that the body (including the mind and spirit), has the natural intelligence to heal itself. By remembering our perfect state of health and well-being, we are able to harness the power of our natural strength, vitality and immunity. This is why we made 8O Ayurveda into a simple and enjoyable twice DAILY RITUAL to systematically turn on your natural intelligence, and help you remember what it feels like to be your best and live in PURE VITALITY.

Our mission at 8O is to hear you say, everyday, "I AM WELL". Until all of us are well, including our family, our community, our world, no one is well.

Perfect Health and Total Well-being includes all of life. We are responsible for the well-being of one each other, animals and our planet. And, because of this, we are a green, sustainable, vegan, organic, cruelty-free, non GMO company.


8O addresses the most pressing modern lifestyle challenges that we face today such as: SLEEP. HEALTH. IMMUNITY. BEAUTY. FOCUS, PERFORMANCE. STRESS, HORMONAL BALANCE, SKIN AND HAIR, but we go far beyond this and follow pain-staking traditional Ayurvedic methodology to make our products so that you benefit immediately from the power and vitality that is packed into every EAT. SNIFF. SWISH. Daily Ritual is formulated with 27 unique adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and has a patent-pending on our bio-availability (absorption rate), making 8O DAILY RITUAL the only daily WellCare that you need. 8O Daily Ritual makes everything work better as it prepares your mind, body and spirit to remember its true nature, and our true nature is perfect health. Now you have to claim it! 

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO TAKE DAILY RITUAL TWICE DAILY? The morning dose supports, nourishes and protects every cell, tissue and organ, and then the second does of the day helps to assimilate, rejuvenate, and release toxins while you sleep and in the morning, they are released. In Ayurveda, both of these actions are necessary to support your body’s own natural intelligence to heal itself.

If you are curious how to really benefit from Daily Ritual, the very best way to start with 8O is to sign up as a Monthly Member. It is our best value and it will give you a chance to try Daily Ritual for 90-days with no obligation, at the greatest cost savings. 90-days is the amount of time that it takes to really experience the results because the results are cumulative. One day you will wake up and notice that you feel great, you have more energy, you sleep more soundly, your skin is smoother and glowing, you have clean and pure digestion and elimination, and you will remember that this is how you are supposed to feel.

After you become a Member, consider becoming a Distributor. If you are a yogi, yogini, meditation teacher, coach or healer, Becoming an 8O Distributor will create abundance to support your teaching. Heal yourself, Heal your Tribe. Heal the World while creating wellness for yourself and for all those around you.Join the 8O Mission of EVERYONE WELL.

With Great Love,

Shivangi Van Gogh -Founder,8O (8 Ohh as in 8Organics)

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About Our Founder

Shivangi Van Gogh is the founder of 8O Ayurveda and is a lifelong explorer of consciousness. As a wellness pioneer, she is a multi-patented and award-winning product developer. Shivangi is the former Global Creative Director for Aveda and has the honor of serving as the Consciousness Consultant to TED, Lulu Lemon, and Mandarin Oriental Hotels worldwide. She has owned eight global Ayurvedic spas and salons from NYC to South Beach and LA to Dubai. As an Alumna of Columbia University in Consciousness and Science, she brings together her five-year journey living deep in the Himalayas in India, and rigorous scientific research, into one ultimate company - 8O Ayurveda. 8O brings you the future of daily preventative Ayurvedic WellCare. It is Shivangi's mission to hear you say, I AM WELL, every day.