Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Ritual is Luxury Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of life based on the understanding that the intelligence of the body has the ability to heal itself. We are our own pharmacy when kept clean, detoxed and  rejuvenated daily. Daily Ritual is made with the finest Organic, Ayurvedic, Adaptogenic Herbs, and Vegan, non-GMO, and Gluten-free ingredients, and put into one ultimate twice-daily, three-step Ritual. Daily Ritual is Fundamental Daily Health-Care assisting you to take supreme care of yourself. We believe in paying your farmer instead of your pharmacist.

Daily Ritual is an ultimate three step twice daily Wellness/Beauty Supplement routine consisting of three easy, effort less and enjoyable steps: Beauty Jam that you EAT. Beauty Nose Drops that you SNIFF, and Mouth Detox that you SWISH.

All-Natural, GMO and Gluten Free? YES. We are100% vegan, organic, all-natural, GMO and gluten-free and we are a sustainable company.

The effectiveness of our formulas, how we deliver our products and the superior quality is what makes us unique, and here is how we do it: We make our products in small powerful hand-crafted batches. We choose our ingredients from directly working with small sustainable, organic farms in India to help stimulate and replenish local economies; Our Adpatogenic herbs are delivered into your system through supreme patent-pending bio-availability methodology that utilizes four unique “Apanas” delivery systems, including organic oils and jaggery to carry the precious vitamins, minerals and Adaptogenic herbs deep into every cell, tissue and organ, instead flushed immediately from your system through the urine; We formulate our recipes with your refined experience in mind so you look forward to taking your Daily Ritual; We infuse collagen and calcium into our proprietary ‘Miracle Nectar’  in Beauty Jam for extremely effective beauty benefits; How you take Daily Ritual EAT. SNIFF.SWISH. allows the effectiveness of our vitamins, herbs and minerals to be much more effective; We provide a Luxury offering that looks beautiful sitting on your counter and enjoyable to take. And we are a sustainable company. We care deeply about your health, about our planet and everyone and everything on it. This is what makes 8 Organics supremely unique and superior to any other supplement on the market today.

Yes. It is very important for men to take Daily Ritual. Daily Ritual benefits everyone (with exception of children under 5years of age, nursing, pregnant or diabetics). Our formulas are supremelytri-doshic (good for all body types). 

Children under five years of age, and those who are nursing, pregnant or diabetic. If you have health related questions, please consult your health practitioner before taking any type of supplement.

Children from ages 6-10 can take one does of Beauty Jam, Beauty Nose Drops and Mouth Detox, per day. Children over 10 years of age can take the adult dosing of Daily Ritual twice daily: EAT. SNIFF.SWISH. twice daily before brushing the teeth.

Eat one golden Beauty Jam spoonful twice daily of Beauty Jam (approx. ½ rounded teaspoonful) ; Sniff 3-5 drops of Beauty Nose Drops dropped into each nostril with head tilted back, breathing deeply and rubbing the sides of the nose until absorbed, twice daily; SWISH ½ dropper full Mouth Detox between the teeth for 1-15 minutes, expel and rinse mouth with clean water once, or twice daily, before brushing the teeth.

It is both. Daily Ritual is packed with vitamins, minerals and organic Ayurvedic Adaptogenic herbs that provide fundamental Daily Health Care by systematically boosting the immune system, assisting in keeping digestion and elimination clean, and protecting the nervous system, while delivering supreme beauty benefits through our proprietary Miracle Nectarä infused with collagen and calcium. When you digestion is clean and clear, your hair grows and your skin glows.

Beauty Jam gently detoxes the entire system leaving digestion clean and clear. When digestion is clean and clear, your hair naturally grows and your skin glows. Additionally, Beauty Jam is packed with our proprietary “beauty blend” called Miracle Nectaräand consists of collagen, calcium and Adaptogenic herbs giving you the ultimate‘ beauty’ treatment in every dose of Beauty Jam.

Beauty Jam tastes like ‘earthy chocolate’ and the feeling you get is over all wellness like you are doing something very good for yourself.

Beauty Nose Drops smell like clean and fresh Eucalyptus, and it feels like a spa vacation for your head, eyes, brain, sinuses, and jaws.

Mouth Detox tastes like fresh spearmint, peppermint and fennel and when Swishing, you begin to feel your mouth being detoxed and cleaned, and your digestion becoming calm and relaxed. Digestion starts on the tongue. When your mouth and tongue is clean, your digestion performs more optimally.

Take one golden Beauty Jam spoonful (approx. ½rounded teaspoon) twice daily, first thing in the morning and at night before you brush your teeth. If you are feeling “sluggish”, take three servings per day.

Yes. Beauty Jam is an organic Super-Food. If Beauty Jam is not consumed withing 30-days, refrigerate after opening. Do not keep Beauty Jam, Beauty Nose Drops or Mouth Detox in the bathroom, near a steamy, hot or sunny environment. It is best to refrigerate Beauty Jam after opening. Store Beauty Nose Drops and Mouth Detox in a cool, dry place.

Daily Ritual consists of Beauty Jam, Beauty Nose Drops and Mouth Detox and when taken every day twice daily, this ultimate Ayurvedic routine acts as your fundamental preventative Health Care. Becoming a Member allows you to receive the best pricing on your daily health care, and to have access to our VIP Wellbeing Concierge Service, special opportunities, private invitations and events.

Take as many tablets before dinner as is necessary to have a deep elimination in the morning. If you are constipated, take between 6-8 tablets. After you begin having consistent daily eliminations, reduce your dosage to 2-5 tablets. Every 'body' is unique, and daily dosage varies.

No, they are not. Ayur-Slim tablets are all-natural, Ayurvedic, and an important part of a healthy, gentle, daily detox. Ayur-Slim Tablets provide gentle cleansing of the liver and digestive system so things begin to move naturally. Ayur-Slim tablets are packed with vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs delivering powerful immune support.